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I’m a very healthy, physically active 70 year old man who has been happily married to Diana for 44 years. We have two adult children, two beautiful and healthy grand children and are the owners of a struggling internet marketing business for eight years. I love to read, walk my Mountain Cur, Winston, physical fitness (aerobics instructor for 12 years), gardening, house renovation, raising aquarium fish, and living as long as possible under healthy conditions. That’s what I want to do in my internet marketing niche, help people live a little better, a little happier, a little better off financially, just a little better a little longer.

David E. Henke

David E. Henke, Internet Marketing Businessman

I live in Florence, AL. My special interests are teaching aerobics, weight training, Pilates, cycling, water aerobics, kick boxing, golf, reading and internet business development. I have recently taken up golf and do not have to worry about beating customers. I also have completed a Master Gardener Program and now donate 8-10 hours per week fixing up gardens and landscapes for deserving groups and organizations. I also have the prettiest yard and most productive garden ever.

Habitat For Humanity is of great interest for me as I have bought and rehabilitated 9 homes in the past 10 years. Sharing this skill set would be very satisfying to me.


I want to help seniors make $2,000.00 extra money every month, because I know this would improve a lot of people’s lives. In 2012, I was making an extra $500-1,000 per month selling junk as an affiliate marketer. Then I realized that I was doing what all the other IM types did. I had a list of 10,000 subscribers to whom I was pushing junk, so I quit marketing. Since then, I have joined Wealthy Affiliates because it is a legitimate organization that provides training and learning so people can provide for them selves.


I have been very frustrated in trying to build a profitable internet marketing business. Despite many years of experience, I have lost a lot of money buying bogus programs. So, I wrote an book, “How To Make Money Internet Marketing and How Not To Get Ripped Off”. The book is my give-away gift to attract people to opt-in to my list. It even includes a chapter on my experience with Donald Trump. I kid you not! My website is www.howtomakemoneyinternetmarketing.com.

With the help of WA, I have already got my website listed in the top ten in Bing search. First time ever. Please visit my website and get free book. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

David E. Henke


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