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I’m 70 years old and people are always asking me if I’m retired.  I tell everybody that I sell digital information online in various markets.   In most cases, I have to explain that “the Internet is a not a scam, and that nobody makes money online”. You and I know this is completely false, but today I want to encourage you promote WA in person to people you know. I also want to start a discussion on the best ways that you can do this without seeming like a verbal spammer and without confusing the heck out of someone.

So, first things first, what do you say when someone asks what you are doing online? Internet marketing? That is likely going to confuse the heck out of them. Build niche websites and promote products and services on them. That is getting a little bit better. Getting an education online via the top Internet Business training (which is completely free to start). Not bad either.

The BEST way to promote WA in person, is to relate to the person you are talking to. If you are talking to a business owner, take a relevant piece of their business and explain how WA can help. Local marketing perhaps. Google + Local. Getting top rankings without paying SEO companies. Improving your existing website to make it more user friendly. What about someone that has worked hard in their manufacturing job their whole life? Pick something relevant and run with it.

You know how you build “car parts”? Well there is a lot of people like you and I in this niche online that have a website set-up that is dedicated to the promotion of car parts like the ones you make. In fact, you could earn commissions simply by discussion and helping people choose the “proper” car parts online. That is another idea. See what I am getting at. Saying you are an “Internet marketer” or an “Internet Entrepreneur” serves no relevance. It sounds like a scam because most people have likely been subjected to a scam in this industry. Be relevant, offer a free sign-up and two free websites, offer to work and network with the person.

We are all in contact with many people on a day to day basis, these could definitely equate to referrals and a significant income boost to your bottom line if you approach people correctly. What love to hear your thoughts and any ideas that you have.  CLICK HERE or sign up on form at right to receive free book about How To Make Money Internet Marketing and How To Avoid Being Scammed.