Take What You Like Doing and Monetize Your Passion

Take What You Like Doing and Monetize Your Passion

Raising tropical fish has been a lifelong hobby.  It started when I was 10 years old.  A friend gave me his five gallon aquarium because he had tired of cleaning and replacing water.  He gave it to me in exchange for some marbles (at that time, we played for and traded marbles).

Raising tropical fish continues to this day, when I just celebrated my 70th birthday.  I have a 55 gallon aquarium which contains 25 small tropicals including neon tetras, rosy barbs, mickey mouse platies and a foot long Plecostamus.  My Plecostamus is a prehistoric looking monster who is largely benign and eats algae.

One of my passions in maintaining an aquarium is the raising of a special variety of tropical fish called Discus Fish.  These are the sort of fish that used to be featured in cartoons that showed the fish being very large when viewed from the side but disappeared when they turned to face you head on.

Raising aquarium fish in an aquarium is an expensive hobby.   Also, focusing on an exotic and expensive type of aquarium fish adds further to the cost and to the risk of losing your investment. Dscus fish are very expensive and only raised by the most serious hobbyist.

Because of the benefits of identifying and promoting a  niche,  it makes great sense to establish a niche that involves a topic you really enjoy, like my discus fish.  I love sitting in my office and looking at my aquarium.  Seeing the complex ecosystem that looks so serene and peaceful makes the expense and hard work well worthwhile.  So much so that I would like to share this joy with other people.

Promote My Niche and Monetize My Passion

I create a domain name after research (which I discuss in my blog: CLICK HERE and name my website www.howtoraisediscusfish.com.

I haven’t checked yet to see if this domain www.howtoraisediscusfish.com is available but if you read my blog, you will learn how to find out if this domain name is available.

Niche As A Passion

Discus Fish Is A Natural Niche

With my domain name registered, I want to start blogging in order to create an audience of people that are interested in the same topic of raising discus fish that I am.  If I create an attractive website that people look forward to reading, they will tell friends and contacts in the internet who in turn will come to my website.

This is creating traffic or more technically “organic traffic”.  Organic traffic is traffic that comes to my website to visit,learn, shop and hopefully subscribe to my email list.  

If they are a subscriber to my email list,  this means that I can send them information related to raising and breeding discus fish.  If I develop a list of 1000 people, this means there will be a thousand people to whom I can promote a new breed of discus, superior type of water pump, or a new brand of test strips to determine pH, alkalinity, nitrogen levels and other factors which must be known to ensure the health of these very expensive discus fish.

While a list of 1,000 people seems small,  it might be possible that 5 – 10% of these subscribers might buy an item based on my recommendation. In the internet marketing niche, sometimes it is necessary to have a list of over 10,000 people, were only 0.5-1% or so of subscribers might purchase at any given time.

With my list of 1000 people who are interested in the breeding and raising a discus fish, a 5% conversion rate from an offer I might promote for a $300 water pump might involve 50 people buying a pump from which I make 20% commission.

This means that 50 people spent $300 and I make $60 for each sale.   Therefore, I have made $3,000 for this particular offer.

Because the subscribers to my list are passionate about discus fish,  I might be able to make offers to them three or four times a month.  This means that I might be able to make about $12,000 a month from my modest list of 1000 people.

When you are promoting a website in a niche that you are passionate about, then you are not working.  That old expression that says if you love what you do,  you will never work another day in your life could never be more true than when you promote a nice that you are passionate about.

How To Learn What You Need To Know

Having a passion and wanting to monetize this passion in a website means that there are many things to learn that must all be coordinated and established to create the Marketing System you will need to make money.

Once you have the website that you have established as www.howtoraisediscusfish.com, you must make sure that this website is hosted and registered.  Then you must have an auto responder who will collect and register subscribers to your email account. They will also   provide you with opt-in forms and landing pages that are necessary to keep track of people.   You will need to know how to work with a WordPress program that is provided by your hosting company.   You will need to create a website that is attractive,  functional,  easy to understand and navigate and provide a starting point for potential subscribers to read your information pages or blogs about discus fish.

If you have been fortunate enough to create a website name that will allow you to create growing quantities of organic traffic, then you will need to learn about search engine optimization (SEO).  This is a never-ending struggle for marketers because Google and Bing /Yahoo are constantly changing the parameters for determining what constitutes high page rank. High page rank is what all marketers want to achieve because it is the first page that people searching for answers to questions we’ll see when they type in a search query.

Many Things Make IM Work

Internet Marketing Is A Complex of Relationships

For instance,  if I go to Google and search in where can I buy discus fish,  I will get immediately a page of potential sites that answer my question.  The first four or five of these sites will be paid by people that might be selling discus fish or equipment involving discus fish aquariums and supplies and books everything and everything relating to the raising and breeding discus fish.

There will be another eight or ten pages after the first page also involved with the care and breeding of discus fish.   I just went to Google and typed in “where can I buy discus fish” and discovered there were many many places to acquire these exotic fish.

All the information I found was on the first page I did not go to the 2nd to the 10th pages. Therefore,  page one is extremely important for a marketer starting out to develop success and have any chance of making money.

There are many places that will teach you the various things you will need to know concerning hosting, registration, website development, blogging, search engine optimization, auto responder, landing pages, squeeze pages and all the many other factors that create a successful internet marketing campaign.

After several years and many frustrating hours spent trying to assimilate and learn all of these myriad factories,I have come to the conclusion that Wealthy Affiliate is the very best place to focus your efforts and learn to create a business that will make you money.

The primary reason for this is that there are so many areas that have to be coordinated and understood that it can take many months or years to learn without support. I have been in internet marketing since 2009 and did not learn about Wealthy Affiliate until December 2016 when I investigated and evaluated Wealthy Affiliate, I learned that this was an organization that has many people who form a community that is devoted to sharing.

This program provides information and webinars about every facet of internet marketing.  This is the only internet marketing program that I’m aware of that will permit completely free use of their product and allow a potential customer to determine if this product is for them.  I have never used a product that did not require payment up front, even though that payment up front was  supposedly guaranteed to be returned if dissatisfied, it was very rare that the marketer would issue a refund without a lot of aggravation.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to start and can be evaluated as long as necessary. Included are two free domains that a person can be taught to develop in a niche of their interest. If a potential customer signs up within 7 days, they will get their first month for $19. After 30 days,  they we will gain full membership and use of all facilities for $49 per month.  If the customer is so inclined and recognizes the economic value, they can pay for an entire year or $359.  This equates to $29.62 a month.    This is less expensive than the cost of hosting my 23 domains at Go Daddy.

This is incredible value and the great benefit in addition to  all of the information is that there are many people willing and interested in helping answer your questions.  That’s it!  That’s the program and it is an exceptional opportunity..

There is no college, university, trade school or membership anywhere that offers to let you use their facilities without commitment except Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate knows of the value and the benefits of their product. therefore, they opened these benefits up to you and let you see what is there.

If you are interested in viewing this opportunity now comma CLICK HERE.

Please leave a comment below after you’ve had a chance to look at our product and let me know what you think.   I would be  very happy to help you develop a niche and a domain name as I have 24 of my own.  This is one of my specialties in domain and internet marketing and would be glad to help you.  Hope to hear from you,

Cordially,  David E. Henke

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